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Stephen Slattery

Stephen Slattery was born in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and raised in Berlin, New York. For many years he worked as a supervisor in New England residential treatment facilities. Today, he lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and children. He can be contacted on Facebook, or at

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A raw, boozy ramble through the life of Mike MacDonnell — reluctant boss, fitful husband and wayward soul. Together with a ragtag cast of characters — bums, femme fatales, gin-soaked sages and madcaps — he shuffles from antic misadventure to violent confrontation, to the edge of nowhere and back again. Barrooms is a wry exploration of friendship, love, loss and the ineffable things that keep us defying the odds we book against ourselves.

Publication Date: January 10, 2014
ISBN: 978-0615937934
Language: English
Format: Print & Digital

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